a motobu to yoron by ferry 沖縄ダイビングのコンテンツへ移動.
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Yoron Island is good access from our place by ferry


Yoron Island is very near from Sesoko Island!

It takes 2hours 30mins for 1,480yen one way!
very value!!!


Motobu port ⇔ Yoron port  

Dep. Motobu port 9:20 ⇒ Arr. Yoron port 11:50

Dep. Yoron port 14:10 ⇒ Arr. Motobu port 16:40


Ferry information between Motobu and Yoron
motobu ferry port terminal

Motobu port ferry terminal


motobu ferry port application form

application form for cruse


motobu ferry application form

fill out form( name, detailes and reservation number)


motobu port

apply here for ferry


ferry ticket

ferry ticket (N.B. you need to give ticket when you get off a ship)


yoron motobu ferry



yoron rental car bike

rental car, mortercycle and bicycle are aveilable


yoron yurigahama

famous beach "Yuriga hama"


yoron snorkeling

bring snorkel gears


yoron sugercane

nice view everywhere


yoron histrical musium

yoron histrical musium


yoron Island map

yoron Island map



For ferry reservation site

Customer Center

(English speaker)
From Japan: 050-5805-0383
From overseas: 
+81 (50) 5805-0383 
From 10:00AM to 14:00PM and 15:00PM to 19:00PM Japan timePlease dial carefully.